Ratings assigned ratings or assessments are the punters who come to a standardized procedure is used. This will also assess whether a debtor can meet its payment obligations, or whether there may be a potential danger of buying behavior. This may be reviewed depending on in short-term and in long-term ratings. A rating also serves to assess the creditworthiness of a securities issuer. Those ratings will be shown by a letter code, where for example, triple A, that is, AAA for a good credit rating, however, says D for an impending, potential insolvency. In addition, a distinction in the reviews, the maturity and it can be used to differentiate numbers or signs such as plus and minus. In a positive review, the respective ratings are therefore presented as follows: AAA, AA +, AA, AA-, A +, etc., or in the form of Aaa, Aa1, Aa2, Aa3, followed by A1, A2, etc.

Private and for-profit companies that are commercially obtained a credit check for an issuer, the so-called rating agencies. The rating process begins with an order of the borrower, whose directives are contractually fixed. A credit rating agency assesses the likelihood that an issuer can meet its principal payments, and communicate it directly on the basis of the evaluation in a rating class. In the bond markets, the credit scores are from the most prestigious rating agencies S & P, Moody’s and Fitch focal point for investors and large institutional investors. They rely on the judgments of the analysts and their investment criteria set out in the ratings. The criteria to determine these ratings include the debt, the cash flows, but also the country risks of the securities issuers. With respect to the criterion of country risk, shaking the states from these agencies. If the rating agencies, the thumb over a country reduced responding bond prices and the demotion means a higher national debt in the Refinazierung. The exact criteria for the ratings but they are well guarded secrets of the agencies. In the creation of professional analysis of the ratings work teams to assess the creditworthiness of countries in addition to the quality of the securities and the portfolio. Especially Greece was properly come under strain as credit rating agencies have lowered the scores for the country and slid the courses of Greek government bonds at a low.