Nowadays, many people put their saved money in securities. Because even banks nowadays are no longer entirely certain securities as well as gold are one of the safest investment options for its capital, was one run in the years it has been accrued.

The term describes the definition of an investment type instrument on which one has a specific law, which is festgelgt on the document. This can be, for example, a large claim or a contribution of a corporation. This document provides information on the specific case and makes the possession or ownership of this thing visible. A proof that one can not refute.

There are several different types of securities that you can get. One of the most popular securities are shares that can be bought at any bank. These may, depending on the value and nature in the years run on the value increase or decrease. you should always compare shares, to be sure to create money. Then there are interest-bearing securities such as bonds or debentures. Certificates usually give entitlement to a certain service or a cause. Other securities are, for example, even index funds, checks, or even change. Rare stamps are also an investment, because they confer the right to use a service. Also here is always do what they want, where you want to invest.

The investment is usually made up of several parts. Firstly, it is the mantle. The mantle is the document itself. They securitized usually the full or associate legal owner of the instrument. As another, there is the so-called arc. This is a paper that is in several, equally divided numbered sections. this is known as the coupon sections. When submitting a coupon can be certain rights to the actual document to be made a legal claim. This can be, for example, dividends, or even changes that securitize the revenue law. As a last there is the so-called renewal coupon. The owner is usually given when submitting the renewal Certificate, a new bow. Usually when all the old coupons have already been consumed. In the securities directly to the renewal coupon is usually listed separately in the statement.

During the last years, the security is one of the safest investment options for the saved assets become.