What happens next in the stock market? What courses have imagination to the top? Is coming to the rally that many analysts feared correction and adaptation to the Realwirtschfat? Or, as prices continue to rise as the Valley of the real economy is broken. A good investment tip are shares of airlines. Last year a record loss the IATA should flown it with the clearing up of the turbulence in the international trade horizon once again go up, especially since many airlines are expected to offer this summer schedules less capacity than last year and hence higher utilization levels. The great unknown remains the price of oil. For the price of oil rises, pushing up costs. And if passengers are still willing to pay more for tickets is questionable, even now, the fuel surcharges on British Airways and Lufthansa are often more expensive than the ticket. Ryanair and Easyjet added herself to win at business travelers, the business class with Lufthansa and Air France will remain empty. For travelers are more price-conscious.

There is little reason to get started with Lufthansa. The stock trades as a result of record profit from 2008 still very good, better than one would expect based on the emerging problems.

Lufthansa is the main problem with premium seats empty on the business traveler. Many companies allow their employees to fly only economy, particularly intra-European, the „Biz“ almost continuously empty. And even the economy remains empty, because in particular the price-conscious middle class took over the role for flights with Easy Jet or Billigtochter Lufthansa German Wings. Moreover threatens Lufthansa during the austerity program Climb 11 strikes by pilots and re Kabienenbesatzungen. The background is the Scope clauses which determine which aircraft should fly the crews. Lufthansa is the loss-making subsidiaries, Austrian Airlines and BMI British Midland, tie the management capacity at the neck. Biggest problems is what makes the experiment LH Italia. The jets flying from Milan’s Malpensa airport almost empty. Even the Hauptstreke to Rome is not running and is on 16 February terminated. Ticket prices at the level of a Lufthansa are no longer enforceable.

This will benefit especially our tip: Ryanair. The Irishman will continue to increase its dividend anchdem contract negotiations with Boeing over the purchase of new failed 737-800. Ryanair will end this year as the largest airline in Europe and becoming steadily more business travelers. This is also due to the greater involvement at key airports such as Valencia, Madrid, Sevilla, Alicante, Porto and London Gatwick. Also in the field of tourism Ryanair will continue to grow and take the expensive air charter flight to life. New bases in Malaga, Faro and Alicante are a stab in the heart of Air Berlin, from where Ryanair can make use of all the interesting markets in Europe, in an adapted frequency. The growth in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia with the new base is Oslo Rygge wieter, so the course has a lot of imagination to the top. Even a takeover of Aer Lingus has not been definitively off the table.